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TRC are probably the most underrated band I know, Proper help me out so much.

Add me on Skype and we’ll chat and solve math problems n shit


I don’t know how I’m meant to forget someone who was there by my side for 2 years everyday, I can’t forget you for 5 minutes how am I meant to do ‘the rest of my life’ - the fear of becomming just a memory petrifies me and I can see it slowly happening

Being horny and in a room full of your mates isn’t too good, I need a friend with benefits, plus it doesn’t help that my dash just has porn everywhere



Pin by Tess Meyer ™ on street life | Pinterest op We Heart It

I'm Brandon, I'm 19years young and obsessed with finding love. Believe me, I probably fucking hate you allready. My Tumblr is shite, I promise myself I'll do it up, but I'm a lazy arrogant twat, so I never can be arsed with anything else, Hollywood Undead + Slipknot = <3 - Follow + I'll follow back, Tattoooz and Piercings are da bombb. I'm going to cover myself in ink and piercings and die before I'm 22. SEX (L) DRUGS (L) FRIENDS (L) HER (L) COD (L) MUSIC (L). I'm vain. And Arrogant. And I'm sexier than you. I don't expect none of you people to read this. But if you did. You pro I love you. Wir verstehen euch nicht ----------------------------------------------------- bitches be stalkin' --------------------- hit counter
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